I am an Atlanta-based photographer that captures moments in a unique way to emphasize the mood, personality and environment of a story. My style is marked by a certain playfulness with lighting, unexpected angles, and a crispness in detail. I strive to communicate with the viewer through compelling one-of-a-kind images. Known for my emotionally charged portraiture, I believe a powerful image can convey a panorama of emotions in just one gesture. I feel that every person I meet is a new opportunity to introduce an emotionally dynamic character to the world. I show the life inside. Every subject has a story to tell. An executive may be a teddy bear on the inside, a schoolteacher may see the world as a game of war, and a back-of-the house dish scrubber may have a well worn and wise soul. No matter the shot, I push for realism, revealing the essence of what it means to be human. Creating, shaping, and conquering light is my focus. A brittle crunch. A pop of brightness. A moody feeling. Light has the power to add drama to the most seemingly inconsequential of moments. 
Some Clients Include: 
20th Century Fox
Atlanta Braves 
Atlanta Magazine 
Cooper Carry
Georgia State University
Georgia Tech
JE Dunn
Kimberly Clark
Paste Magazine 
Shaw Industries 
Starwood Hotels 
Ogilvy & Mather
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